Restaurants In Jaipur

Jaipur cuisine is famous for its grandeur. If you are visiting this city, you ought to taste certain delicacies of the land. There are lakhs of different styles of eateries, restaurants and cafes in Jaipur. It is very important to choose a good one to enjoy quality food. Here are the top places to enjoy eating in Jaipur.

Top Restaurants in the city

1. Tapri central :

This hotel is famous for fusion of Jaipur cuisine with western cuisine. You ought to try flirt tea of this shop. It is a vegetarian hotel found near Central Park of Prithviraj Road. It is a moderate budget hotel.

2. Rawat Mishtan Bandar :

This is a vegetarian hotel famous for snack items of Jaipur cuisine. You ought to enjoy kachoris here. Every foodie visiting Jaipur should pay a visit to this hotel. It is a moderate budget restaurant located in Sindhi Camp.

3. Lakshmi MishtanBhandar :

This restaurant is famous for sweets and fast food. You can find all kinds of North Indian sweet items. This is a vegetarian hotel for a little high budget people. This quality restaurant is located in Johari Bazaar.

4. Om Revolving restaurant :

The place is for a little more than food. You can get a great view of the city as you dine. Music and traditional songs are played in the hotel during evenings. This is for mid-luxury diners looking for snack dishes. This hotel is located on the 14th floor of Hotel Om Tower in Mirza Ismail Road.

5. 1135 AD :

As the name indicates, you would be dining in 12th century. The décor, upholstery and the whole ambience is chosen to recreate the ancient royal dining style. Staring from gold enameled tables to interior decoration, you would be presented an authentic royal dining spot. You can enjoy traditional Mughali or Rajasthani food here. This is a non-vegetarian hotel for luxury diners. It is located in Amer Palace near Sheela Mata temple. ‘Lal Maas’ is an important delicacy to enjoy in this restaurant.

6. Spice Court :

This is the restaurant to visit if you are planning to enjoy authentic Rajasthani cuisine. The restaurant is set up in a courtyard and you can enjoy dishes made with fresh spices. You can enjoy a traditional tribal styled dish, Jungli Maas here. This hotel is for foodies trying to experience the original taste of the cuisine.