Why To Visit Jaipur?

A part of the famous >Golden Triangle, Jaipur is the most important romantic and family destination> in the country. Jaipur, the Pink City has attracted numerous tourists every year. Jaipur is not just the political capital of Rajasthan. It is the culture and heritage capital of the state.

Even when the world is running towards technologies, Rajasthan has managed to stick to the essence of their ancient values. Starting from the temples to the ancient palaces, people here are more heritage-oriented. Apart from these, why should you visit Jaipur?

Here are a few reasons to why one should visit Jaipur :-

  • The forts and fortresses in Jaipur are magnificent sights to enjoy here. Elephant ride and hot air ballooning in the forts add more adventure quality to the place.
  • Do you want to live like a royal? Many ancient palaces are remodeled into luxury hotels like Raj Palace Hotel, Jai Mahal Palace, Narain Niwas Palace and others.
  • This place is for all types of budgets. You can scale the place on a shoestring budget or you can even enjoy it like a royal heir.
  • This land is bubbling with art, craft and fashion. It is an important spot for those who genuinely love shopping.
  • You ought to visit the city during any festival. The best of all festivals is the Kite festival. There are numerous other festivals when you can find interesting events, games, performances and others. No matter which creed or region you are from, you will be welcomed to be a part of those activities.
  • If you are an avid photographer, you would never want to leave Jaipur
  • The land is filled with architectural marvels. Even if you were not that interested in architecture, you would be surprised to be inspired by the structures in Jaipur. Starting from Hawa Mahal to the peacock gate of City Palace, this place is a wonder.
  • Do you want to know how smart the ancient Indians were? Visit Jantar Mantar of Jaipur.
  • The cuisine of Jaipur is another interesting thing to enjoy during your vacation.
  • If you are visiting during tourism season, you can find many cultural shows like puppet shows, traditional dance and music performances, exhibition and others.

Do not get fooled by the geographical description of Rajasthan being a desert state. Jaipur is a gem in the desert. There is a reason to why people get attracted to this city of marvel heritages. Jaipur has astonished millions of local and international tourists, until date. You can be one too.